The Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber industries consolidated
into one social commerce ecosystem.

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Forming a visionary general partner team to launch
a new concept of a private equity start-up.

aTAAS operating system (OS) is a social commerce monetization and bid and ask trading platform that targets the Amazon, Airbnb, and Uber industries with the crypto-asset-based transactional payment consolidated into one social commerce ecosystem. An equation of monetization system and decentralized marketplace platform designed for monetization, and trade of any product or service that exists in the physical and digital world. Where both consumers and producers can transact directly using COIN4ic a crypto-asset-based payment for the tokenized asset on the exchange platform.

  • The ‘aTAAS OS consists of the  24/ bid and asks Exchange  (Marketplace), iCommodity (Intrinsic commodity), COIN4ic (Crypto-asset-based), and Revenue Venue Network (RV household market branches) generating revenue streams derived from the DeFi platforms. The ‘aTAAS OS asset-light model doesn’t track the RV branch’s data to monetize it with the advertisers.
  • We are building our long-term vision for a crypto-asset-based ecosystem manifesting a social-commerce monetization  The monetization platform is designed to commoditize, tokenize, and trade any physical and digital (product and service) assets into an iCommodity digital contract and transact using COIN4ic crypto-asset-based payment.
  • The COIN4ic or crypto-asset-based transactional payment will hold on to the virtual asset but does not fall under the same regulatory requirements as currency or securitiesThe crypto-asset-based  COIN4i will hold ‘medium of exchange’ and other narratives of the next level of the crypto market. The ‘aTAAS OS business model includes solutions for cryptocurrency regulation, privacy issues, and anti-monopoly laws. 

Autonomous transformation as a service (aTAAS) operating system (OS) is designed for each of the seven continents and region projects. The continents’ crypto market projects are aimed at the TSX VE  trading companies open to reverse IPOs. The TSX Venture Exchange is a merger between the Alberta Stock Exchange and Vancouver Stock Exchanges, where Waldo W  Ejtel took a private company public.

aTAAS operating system platform adapts to changing geopolitical and economic conditions supporting each country that wants to own data sovereignty. The ‘aTAAS Operating System’s transactional payment technology, social commerce crypto-asset-based innovations, and solutions will address recent geopolitical developments and economic issues

The ‘aTAAS OS project is designed for each country’s social commerce ecosystem. It addresses the challenges that confront the regional geopolitical blocks /economic blocks and supporting markets. ‘aTAAS OS adheres to the cryptocurrency sector regulations, privacy issues, and anti-monopoly law. 

Autonomous Service– The eHUMG project will seek partnership opportunities with autonomous vehiclesdrones, and robots‘ services in the selected US, Canadian, and overseas cities, eg, a ride subscription, delivery services, rideshare, moving space services, and others.

The  is an electronic trading marketplace designed for the RV network markets to incubate individuals and enterprises into a role of an RV branch, the branch becomes a consumer and a producer. Where almost anything society builds or produces, can be traded on both ‘Direct-to-Consumer and ‘Consumer-to-Producer platforms.” A monetization of anything, eCommerce, commerce, goods and services, everything is accessible and tradable by everyone

The D2C (producer, seller’s market) includes e-commerce/ commerce products & services marketed, sold, and shipped directly to consumers. The C2P (consumer, buyer’s market) across all industries allows RV branches to bring customers and designers together. This eliminates the need for product and service designers to make decisions for the customer. The D2C / C2P and autonomous vehicle and drone delivery service will leverage the needs of large fulfillment centers (e-commerce warehouses),

The 24/7 bid & ask (Spot, futures, derivatives) iCommodity exchange is designated for the RV branch producer/seller and consumer/buyer market. RV branch producers can commoditize and trade their physical or digital products or services free of an exchange trade commission. The exchange trading platform on blockchain brings derivatives to the mainstream household market. Futures and derivatives markets will be structured to each of the commodity digital contract’s pool needs. The blockchain acts as an asset and income registrant and tokens as a iCommodity digital contract

The Revenue Venue network members are referred to as RV branch. RV network provides its RV branches with a 24/7 bid & ask iCommodity exchange interface. RV branch can create and submit intrinsic commodity (iCommodity) digital contracts on the ex4ic and ex4teen (teenager) trading platforms. The ex4teen business strategy adopts the term “attention economy / attention transaction as a new transactional payment crypto-asset-based class

To achieve an ultimate mass-market of RV branch, a new social and economic power of the household market needs to assume a new DeFi community market role. Besides, being a consumer and producer, the  RV branch’s incomes arrive from a variety of revenue venue sources, including decentralized and crowdsource branding automated services, earning a crypto asset COIN4i.

The RV network’s platform allows the RV branch household to become a neighborhood service center that may include a foot/bike local delivery service before TaaS autonomous fleet and drone services.  

The RV networks’ hospitality platform provides the RV branches with hospitality club additional revenue. To enter Airbnb’s created mega industry the RV branch rents its place for short-term guests to stay. No booking, commission is charged for the RV branch’s hospitality rental club members. The Revenue Venue branch and RV hospitality rental club platforms are reflected in metaverse Web3.

  • Opening its doors to visionary advisors, consultants, developers, hedge funds, investors, managers, marketers, strategic partners, and quant-technologists.

Partnership Opportunity


           Investment opportunities

  • We are seeking growth partners that share our crypto asset-based consumerization vision in the next stage of the project’s development.

    Private Equity Fund start-up opportunity:

    • eHUMG is currently privately owned by the venture’s co-founders
    • We are keen to talk to prospective general partners to form a private equity fund, a new-gen fund startup with a goal to unfold a multi-billion-dollar project within several years.

TSX VE Reverse IPO Companies:

  • eHUMG’s aTAAS operating system’s seven global projects will fuel considerable opportunities for TSX VE trading companies that are open to reverse IPOs. Each of the reverse IPO projects would manage and benefit from aTAAS’ responsiveness to each of the six continents plus Middle Eastern markets.
  • Assembling a team of visionary strategists and overseas partners to help the consumerization ecosystem project join the League of Unicorns and beyond. You may be exactly what we need in the next stage of the project’s development.