'aTAAS OS designed for each
country's social commerce market

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‘aTAA OS project is being developed by eHUMG for seven continents and regions, aimed at TSX Venture Exchange trading companies who are open to reverse IPOs. 

TSX Venture Exchange resulted from a merger between the Vancouver and Alberta Stock Exchanges. The co-founder of the eHUMG venture Waldo W Ejtel took a private mining company public on the Vancouver Stock Exchange.


‘The ‘aTAAS operating system consists of iCommodity, RV networks, and digital asset marketplaces, is our long-term vision of a democratized financial and social commerce operating system targeted household mass markets.

The ‘aTAAS OS project is designed for each country’s financial and social commerce market across every continent. It addresses the challenges that will rapidly confront the global and domestic markets in the 2020s. 

The ‘aTAAS operating system social commerce platform, in general, adheres to new world regulations and anti-monopoly laws that apply or may apply in the China, EU, USA … 

'aTAAS OS and Markets


Establishing a team of visionary private equity professionals to design and
implement the social commerce financial ecosystem


  • eHUMG is privately owned by the venture’s co-founders. The eHUMG venture team has been assiduously developing a conceptual model to transform the household mass market into a new social commerce revenue venue that would provide new-age household income.

The eHUMG venture’s ‘aTAAS operating system platform consists of the digital asset marketplace, iCommodity, and state-based Revenue Venue branches generating a new income source. We are building our long-term vision for the social commerce financial ecosystem. Creating a crypto prototype ecosystem for transactional purposes utilizing crypto coins that would hold currency narratives’ stored value, medium of exchange, and unit of account, but not being regulated currency classified.   

Autonomous transformation as a service (aTAAS) operating system (OS) is designed for each of the seven continents’ regional projects. This project is aimed at the TSX VE  trading companies open to reverse IPOs. The TSX Venture Exchange is a merger between the Alberta Stock Exchange and Vancouver Stock Exchanges, where Waldo W  Ejtel took a private company public. 

Apart from the TSX VE pack of the reverse IPOs, eHUMG’s initial objective is to launch successfully its ‘aTAAS operating system designed for the social commerce markets of every country across all continents. ( pilot version, 2022/2023).

Intl. Project Partners: The ‘aTAAS OS platform addresses the risk of fragmentation of the world economy into geopolitical blocks, tech regulation of privacy issues, and aspect of anti-monopoly, among others. ‘aTAAS OS next-generation crypto ecosystem will attract enterprises from around the world to sponsor a joint venture, strategic partnership, or marketer partnership with the restructured TSX VE reverse IPO companies, therefore launching and marketing the ‘aTAAS operating system in their country markets.

Transportation PartnersTransportation as a Service – the venture seeks partnership opportunities with autonomous vehicles, drones, and robots services in the selected US, Canadian, and overseas cities. Our TaaS infrastructure will facilitate a ride subscription, delivery services, rideshare, and other moving space services. 


The Household Revenue Venue network is designed to incubate individuals and enterprises into a household Revenue Venue branch. In the role of an RV branch, the branch becomes a consumer and a producer. The RV network platform enlists the household unit as the Revenue Venue and a neighborhood fulfillment center.                 

                           ‘aTAAS OS COMPRISES FOUR KEY SEGMENTS 

  • Revenue Venue– social commerce revenue                       
  • schuex /em4DA– exchange/ e-marketplace   
  • iCommodity– digital contract  
  • TaaS– autonomous vehicle / drone/ robot                                                          

RV branch’s Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) activities at RV branch (buyer or seller) include e-Commerce/ Commerce products & services marketed, sold, and shipped directly to consumers. Compared to a Chinese Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) platform supporting only the fashion industry, this platform is more comprehensive.

By introducing the Consumer-to-Producer (C2P) market across all industries, the eHUMG venture seeks to take the C2P market to the next level, implementing it across all industries. C2P allows RV branches to bring customers and designers together. This eliminates the need for product and service designers make decisions for customers. 

RV network provides its RV branches with a 24/7 bid & ask exchange and a teenager marketplace with trading interfaces. The e-commerce buyer and seller of physical goods, trades are commission-free.

Additional income the RV networks’ hospitality platform provides the RV branch with hospitality club additional revenue – the RV branch rents its place for short-term guests to stay – a new way of entering Airbnb’s created mega-market. No booking, commission is charged for the RV branch’s hospitality rental club members.

The Revenue Venue branch platforms and RV hospitality rental club are reflected in metaverse Web3.


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