Consumerization of Everything eCosystem


TSX VE Reverse IPO Companies: The consumerization ecosystem’s arts OS determines seven global projects, fueling considerable opportunities for TSX VE trading companies that are open to reverse IPOs. Each of the reverse IPO projects would manage and benefit from aTAAS’ responsiveness to each of the six continents plus Middle Eastern markets.

The project co-founder Waldo W. Ejtel benefits from the experience of taking a private company public on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, which will translate well into the TSX Venture Exchange (a merger between the Vancouver and Alberta stock exchanges).

Inquiry: Waldo W Ejtel | LinkedIn


Partnership Opportunity

  • eHUMG is privately owned by the venture’s co-founders

  • We are seeking growth partners that share our crypto asset-based consumerization economics vision.



  • The TSX VE reverse-IPO companies opportunities  of new markets across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and North and South America.
  • Inquiry: Waldo W Ejtel | LinkedIn 
Crypto asset derivatives exchange
builds a new consumerization space.