The Business Model Canvas for the Social Commerce Monetization Platform System

Key Partners

International visionary partners to launch and operate a social-commerce monetization platform system in their country.
US Revenue Venue network, a state operating partner.
Canadian Revenue Venue, a province operating partner.
Hedge Fund.
Payment Processor.
Autonomous vehicle & drone delivery services in the selected cities.
Transportation as a services (TaaS)EV sharing/fleet services

Key Activities

Monetization platform development and maintenance.
Constegic innovation.
Strategic Partnership management.

Key Resources

Intrinsic Commodity Exchange.
Revenue Venue network.
Patents Prospects algorithmic interpretations:

–  CAmCPA: search-match-one-click.

–  Forward discovery search match.

–  Intrinsic commodity creation process

Value Proposition

Consumer and Provider

  revenue venue operator.

  Reinventing commodity.

–  Exchange and crowd bid pools.

–  Commoditization of everything.

–  CAmCPA: search-match.

–  Free listing No Commission fees.

–  Not tracking & Provider Seller.

Innovation Solutions

–  ADBrand.


–  AssetCommoditization.

–  ConsumerAdbrand.

–  GrassroomExchange.

–  IntrinsicCommodity.



–  SearchMatch.

–  SocialCommerce.

Customer Relationships

Consumer to Provider
Direct to Consumer
Self-serving platform


Ad branding programs
Revenue Venue network
Strategic partner licenses

Value Proposition

Consumer and Provider

 – The eHU Revenue Venue network of the RV branch owner operator.

 – ICExchange mainstream market-maker influencer.

 – Customer Revenue

Decentralized and Crowdsource ad-branding, Baby Boomer,

 – Customer Revenue

Attention Transactions, younger age segment of Gen Z market.

Cost Structure

Social Commerce Monetization Platform
System- pilot version $500 (Partial Futures).
Social Commerce Monetization Platform
System- included marketing budget $3-$5M.

Revenue Stream

Growth and Vision, no revenue up to 3 years.
iCExchange crowd pool bid trade 2-5%
DeFi revenue.
Licensing fees.