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TSX VE Reverse IPO Companies:   

  • eHUMG’s aTAAS operating system determines aTAAS seven global projects, fueling considerable opportunities for TSX VE trading companies that are open to reverse IPOs. Each of the reverse IPO projects would manage and benefit from aTAAS’ responsiveness to each of the six continents plus Middle Eastern markets.
  • The TSX EV opportunity will be overseen by Waldo W. Ejtelwho benefits from the experience of taking a private company public on the Vancouver Stock Exchange, which will translate well into the TSX Venture Exchange (a merger between the Vancouver and Alberta stock exchanges).

Private Equity start-up:

  • We are assembling a team of general partners to form and launch a private equity (PE) proprietary business model start-up. The PE will promote TSX VE reverse-IPOs companies’ implementation of social commerce monetizing ecosystem projects in numerous markets, consisting of interests from across Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, Middle East, and North/South America.
  • Inquiry: Waldo W Ejtel | Linked

aTAAS OS and Markets


Who We Are



eHUMG platform is privately owned by technology venture co-founders.  For years, we have been working assiduously to develop a concept for the automated transformation of any household into a new social commerce revenue venue, creating a sustainable household mass-market revenues prospect.

The Product- ‘aTAAS OS or the social commerce operating system’s objective is to deploy a worldwide disruptive democratized Financial System for the 2020/30 global markets. Our product is aimed at several TSE Venture Exchange trading companies open to a reverse IPO (‘aTaasOS.com pilot version 2022/23).

Our vision of a new world economy, finance, technology, and solution algorithm addresses the global geopolitical & economic matters –  the risk of fragmentation of the world economy into geopolitical blocks, tech regulation of privacy issues, or aspect of anti-monopoly, among others. 

The Europe markets EUtaas.com

International Joint Venture Partners: We seek joint venture partnerships with companies across the globe to launch and operate the licensed ‘aTAAS Operating System. Each international partner will be granted a country’s OS license, responsible for data residency laws in their respective country. 

International Partners: Transport as a Service – the venture seeks partnership opportunities with autonomous vehicles, drones, and robot services in the selected US, Canadian, and overseas cities. Our TaaS infrastructure will facilitate a ride subscription, delivery services, rideshare, and other moving space services. TaaS Market


The Household Revenue Venue network is designed to incubate individuals and enterprises into a household Revenue Venue branch. In the role of an RV branch, the branch becomes a consumer and a producer. The RV network platform enlists the household unit as the Revenue Venue and a neighborhood fulfillment center that may include a foot/bike local delivery service before TaaS autonomous fleet and drone services.

RV branch: RV 

RV branch’s Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) activities include e-Commerce/Commerce products & services and other physical/digital assets marketed, sold, and shipped directly to consumers. This is more comprehensive than a global-leading Chinese Consumer-to-Manufacturer (C2M) that only supports a fashion industry market.

By introducing the Consumer-to-Producer (C2P) market across all industries, the venture aims to take the C2P market to the next level, implementing it across all industries. The RV branch’s C2P puts customers and designers on the same level. Therefore, it’s no longer the product and service designer deciding what the customer wants.

RV network provides its RV branches with em4DA.com and schuex.com teenager social commerce marketplace trading interface. The e-Commerce buyer and seller trade 24/7, and Bid/Ask are commission-free.

For additional revenue, the RV networks’ hospitality platform provides the RV branch with additional revenue – the RV branch rents their place for short-term guests to stay – entering Airbnb’s created mega-market. No commission is charged for booking the RV branch’s rentals. The Revenue Venue branch platforms are reflected in metaverse Web3.