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 Monetization of Everything-

 Reinventing a new level of social media and commerce in metaverse space.wil  c hallenge the



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Social Commerce Monetization
Platform System

New way to experience product
& service before buying/selling

  • The eHUMG technology venture is currently developing a social commerce monetization platform system (SCMPS ), consisting of a Social Commerce Household Unit Exchange and a Revenue Venture network (RV network). The SCMPS will unfold the RV network of the state or province structured RV branches.  The core interaction of the RV branch is being a consumer and periodically being a producer and vice versa.
  • SCMPS implements the RV network as a social media vehicle to assist iCommodity’s digital contract to trade on the crypto schuex platform.  The  will incubate RV network (household market) composed of RV branches implementing a new DeFi social  commerce  monetization protocol trend. A new breed of market makers, traders, and influencers will enable a new social commerce role for household mass adoption.
  • The eHUcoin will be a digital currency of the SCMPS. The RV branch can earn eHUcoin for providing services including decentralized and outsource branding and convert the eHUcoin to the country’s government-issued currency.
  •  is an electronic trading platform with a new kind of social commerce economical solutions. A monetization of anything, everything is accessible and tradable to and by the mass market of household markets’ buyers,  traders, influencers. The trading platform was designed to be inclusive: any interested mainstream buyer or seller can create a digital contract (asset  attached) representing crypto collateralized Intrinsic Commodity (iCommodity). The iCommodity market is created by the metaversed RV network’s branches across a broad spectrum of classifications and varieties underlying industries.
  • Any tangible or intangible asset that can be digitalized is considered a valuable asset that can be commoditized into a tradable iCommodity/digital contract (consumption goods and services products or other assets, attached) tokenized and monetized on the for digital or physical deliveries. The iCommodity consists of CCC (consumer-consumption-commodity) spot contracts and CCI (consumption-commodity-instrument) derivatives contracts. The SCMPS allows hRV branch (buyer & seller) to create a digital contract with iCommodity asset attached and monetizes on the trading platform.
  • The SCMPS business model and technology .
  • The SCMPS business model in general would comply with the Chinese technology sector regulations and anti-monopoly rules.
  • The SCMPS platform addresses the users’ privacy concerns and rules of the anti-monopoly regulations etc.
  • The trading platform provides a monetization process for the members to create an iCommodity underlying any consumption goods or services products and other assets. Anything that can be commoditized for the prospect of trade can be listed and monetized at The SCMPS business model will compete with traditional eCommerce online search with a cutting edge CAmCPA algorithmic wave-search.
  • .Creating a social commerce iCommodity’s digital contract, that includes the monetization of anything by anyone, forward-branding, trading, and transferring ownership of any commoditized and tokenized a tangible & intangible asset designated for digital or physical delivery (with the blockchain sitting beneathare the essential mechanism of the ‘Social Commerce Monetization Platform System that is missing in the current social media eCommerce and commerce business.
  • SCMPS innovations and privacy concerns: We are not monetizing the members’ information and content. A patent prospect allows for algorithmic interpretation of the CAmCPA search-waves.

The SCMPS innovations include:

  • 3D Augmented Reality
  • AntiMonopoly
  • AssetCommoditization
  • BusinessModel
  • CCC (Spot)
  • CCI (Derivatives)
  • ForwardBranding
  • iCommodityMonetization  
  • (iCommodity exchange)
  • (attention transaction exchange)
  • MainstreamDerivatives
  • PrivacySolutions
  • (Revenue Venue) 
  • (Teenager)
  • SociableCommerceDNA
  • SocialMediaVehicle
  • WaveSearch
 A Decentralized Revenue Venue Network of the Sociable Commerce Households Market   

  • The RV  network ( Revenue Venue)  is a hub for the RV branches to monetize and trade on the and the booking software for the Hospitality peer-to-peer renting a short-term guest to stay. The SCMPS technology provides the RV branch’s ability to empower a market of households into a new social-commerce role
  • The RV network is designed to incubate individual and enterprise household RV branches in a decentralized augmented social and commerce entrepreneurial environment realities. The RV branch’s activity may include buying or selling (direct from the producer or directly to the consumer) consumption goods and services, and other products and assets. Giving the consumer and producer a metaverse experience and AI guidance of product or service before and along buying or selling them.  
  • The RV network provides the RV branch with free access to the SCMPS technology that includes the trading platform.  In an addition, the hospitality peer-to-peer guest booking software, will provide the RV branch with the opportunity for additional revenue by renting its own place to the short term’s guestNo commission is charged for a booking. 
  • Besides the opportunity to participate in a crowd buying eCommerce and other commerce and asset pools, the RV branch extended activities may include:
  • RVbranch home-based local fulfillment center.
  • RVbranch renting its own place for short term guests to stay.
  • RVbranch local delivery service provided on foot or bike, e-bike, or e-scooter, prior to the toss autonomous delivery. 
  • RVbranch is designated for D2B and B2S markets, eliminating the need for traditional eCommerce warehouses. 
  • The consumer and producer can create iCommodity (digital contract) underlying an own physical or digital asset utilizing smart image creation process along the 3D Augmented and other R technology. 
  • The’s  CCC spot and CCI forward markets (iCommodity digital contract) are extended across the NFT and DeFi protocols. The iCommodity will cover spectrum complexes and sectors; most of which, were not accessible or offered in the past on any marketplace. The DeFi protocol facilities crowd buying pools. 
  • The SCMPS sign-up divides the members into different subgroups of buyers or sellers and categorizes them according to different psychographic and demographic segmentation. Allowing the RV branch to create its social commerce  P & D segmentation bio  manifesting AI recruit algorithms for followers and prospective customers. The RV branch’s decentralized forward branding and crowdsourced forward branding play into the sociability of the commerce format, bypassing advertisers and benefiting the branch. The SCMPS aims to create a sustainable mainstream market of RV branches, a new household commerce career.
  • The SCMPS asset-light model doesn’t track the users’ data to monetize it with advertisers or others. The SCMPS’ a new business model aiming sociability addiction will contribute to the exponential growth of consumer mass-market influencer roles targeting Gen X, Gen Y, and adult Gen Z markets.
  • TeenCommodity Exchange and network of pioneers being young and asset creator desires
    • The is designed for a younger consumer that allows the creation of iCommodity digital contracts consisting of the RV teen’s edu, work, shop, and socialize asset-class progressing along a decentralized metaverse space. The SCMPS  framework allows the RVteen to trade iCommodity on the and monetize through an attention transaction along the NFT and Attention Transaction protocols. The RV teen’s  iCommodity creator utilizes the exchange smart image creation process and 3D Augmented Reality hologram technology. In an addition AT protocol will pioneer a transformation from the traditional way of physical product patterns to a new format and direction of sociable services.
    • Business strategists have adopted the term ‘attention economy,’ and some writers have even speculated that ‘attention transactions ’will replace ‘financial transactions’ as the key element of our economic system.

Social Commerce Household Unit Exchange

    • The is an electronic trading system dedicated to the country’s, state, or province spot and derivatives markets. The exchange will facilitate a new kind of Intrinsic Commodity’s digital contract, trading CCC a spot market expendable into the CCI a futures market. The CCI iCommodity will act as an underlying element of the derivatives contract. Buyers can lock in prices or trade the iCommodity to a higher bid, locking in physical delivery or a trading profit on a local state or provincial market. Social commerce marketing, a decentralized forward-branding and, crowdsourcing forward-branding will bypass the advertisers and benefit consumers. The users’ data is not shared with advertisers.
    • The and iCommodity are an advanced vision of centralizing the collaborative digital economy’s tokenized products and services, asset allocation, availabilities, and efficiency. By introducing ‘Commoditization & Image Technology (CIT) on an exchange format and trading platform, virtually anything that can be digitalized can become a crypto intrinsic Consumer Consumption Commodity (CCC) valuable asset, or iCommodity. is pioneering for a new breed of the digital economy’s mass market of consumers, and producer or provider in the one. The creation of the and crypto iCommodities designated for the new Revenue Venture household market will unfold a new asset class underlying tokenized physical and digital assets.
    • The will trade iCommodity’s a digital contract trading  CCC, spot and CCI, derivatives markets. The exchange’s CIT will facilitate modeling of the iCommodity and tokenize any consumer goods and services, or other products and assets into a CCC for a trading spot market. Prior to digital or physical delivery and gives the acquirer the option of converting the CCC into a tradable Consumer Commodity Instrument (CCI) on the state or province derivatives market, bringing futures, forward, option, and swaps contracts to the mass market.
    • Optimizing logistics and CIT creation process, the allows smartphone users to access for consumption, usage, licensing, or trade from any CIT sector. The advanced trading system will provide collective states or provinces access of iCommodity quelling the market’s vacillating demand, price fluctuations, and equivocal production. The indeterminate system that currently exists prevents any efficient trade of today’s alternative assets and does not allow for any new modalities in the digital assets’ new world.
    • Currently, the exchange commodities from around the world are definite in size, specifications, and These types of commodities give the global financial world a monolithic contract to speculate, and hedge based on a one-size-fits-all model. This is in contrast with the social commerce monetization platform’s iCommodity hedge sector. The iCommodity is specific only in the individualization of each commoditized and tokenized physical or digital asset. The trader can choose from product, service, location, size, quantity, date of delivery, and other collaborative options.
    • The 24/7 Bid and Ask trading process tokens and transforms any digital image data content underlying physical and digital products or service, intellectual property, or scientific asset into a tradeable iCommodity’s digital contract and monetizes it for digital and physical delivery. The  technology creation process will transform any widget into an iCommodity tradable asset class. The SCMPS will challenge the traditional eCommerce dominant online search with a CAmCPA algorithmic wave-search technics.
    • The iCExchange’s CIT constitutes a specific intrinsic commodity model that can be derived from any digitalized date and presented at the exchange monetization trade. All digital or physical assets can now be commoditized, tokenized, and traded on the’s state or province spot and derivatives markets. The’s D2B and B2S market provide the consumer and producer with a local procurement of crowd buying pools.
    • The creation of a grassroots trading platform designed for the Revenue Venue network will facilitate the trading of an iCommodity asset-class. The iCommodities are created by the RVbranch member and are then traded on the, covering a spectrum of sectors, products, and services across industries. The option of converting the CCC digital contract into a CCI forward  digital contract will innovate the derivatives contract market with an easy and direct local mainstream hedging platform for efficient monetization and digital and physical delivery. 
    • The cresting wave of SCMGS platform manifests the D2B and B2S markets that are supportive of NFT and DeFi protocols. is designated for a state or provincial market with the efficient parameters and measurements provided. Consequently, it will mature as a search engine for the social-commerce space.
    • The SCMPS user sign-up divides the members into different subgroups and categorizes them according to different Psychographic, Demographic, and Other segmentations. Allowing its members to create and trade an intrinsic commodity and opt.  PDO segmentations, and other creative attributes embedded. The RV branch’s decentralized forward branding and crowdsourced forward branding play into the sociability of the commerce format, bypassing advertisers and benefiting the branch. The SCMPS aims to create a sustainable mainstream market of RV branches, a new household commerce careers.
    • The SCMPS asset-light model doesn’t track and monetize the member’s datanor does it share it with advertisers. The SCMPS addiction will contribute to the exponential growth of consumer mass-market influencer roles targeting Gen X, Gen Y, and adult Gen Z markets.
      • Teens Commodity Exchange &  
      •  –The is designed for a younger consumer that allows the creation of iCommodity digital contracts underlying any physical goods, services, or digital asset. The SCMPS framework allows the RVteen member to manifest the iCommodity trade on and monetize through an attention transaction. The exchange CC spot and CCI forward markets are expanded into NFT and Attention Transaction protocols. A protocol will pioneer a transformation from the traditional way of physical product patterns to a new format and direction of services.
      • Business strategists have adopted the term ‘attention economy,’ and some writers have even speculated that ‘attention transactions ’will replace ‘financial transactions’ as the key element of our economic system

Who We Are

  • The eHUMG is privately owned by technology venture co-founders. For several years, the R&D has been developing a business concept to transform the household mass market into a new social eCommerce revenue venue’s role.
  • The SCMPS implements the Revenue Venue branch as a social media vehicle to trade iCommodity (digital contract) on the The exchange provides technology that commoditized  any digitalized physical, digital, or scientific assets into a tradable intrinsic commodity (iCommodity) and monetizes for digital or physical delivery. The DeFi protocol facilities crowd buying pools. 


-International Partners. We are seeking visionary strategic partners from overseas countries to help us build and launch social-commerce monetization platform system. The strategic partner will be granted a country technology license and will have the responsibility to install the servers in their respective country.

-Revenue Venue Partners. The US state and Canada province markets to build and launch Revenue Venue networks and their RV branches market.

  -Transport as a Service- The autonomous ride and moving space may include restaurant food-bearing various dishes, a vending machine carrying all groceries, daily necessities, clothing, and household stuff. A bar, sleep vehicle, gym, office, etc. will arrive at the RV branch’s door. The SCMPS venture seeks partnership opportunities with autonomous vehicle, drone, and robot services in the select US, Canadian, and overseas cities. The SCMPS infrastructure will connect members’ need for TaaS delivery service, rideshare, and other moving space servicesTaaS Market

  • The D2P (Direct-to-Producer) market providers range from individual-based and small producers of products and services to large service providers and manufacturers of any size and production
  • By introducing the C2P (Consumer-to-Producer) market across all industries, the eHUMG aims to extend the world leading Chinese C2M (Consumer-to-Manufacturer) fashion industry market into all industries.
  • Consumer-to-Producer incl. a global manufacturer:   C2Producer


The Household Revenue Venue network is designed to incubate individual and enterprise household Revenue Venue branches. The RV branch activity may include buying & selling (direct from producer & direct to consumer) consumption goods and services products and other products and assets.

RV network’s  RV branch provides a free access to SCMPS technology that includes trading interface and, booking platform for the hospitality peer-to-peer renting, a short  term guest to stay.  No commission is charged for a booking of the RV branch’s overnight staying place. It will provide the RV branch with the opportunity for additional revenue when offered to rent its own place. 

RV branch a prospective member: RVbranch

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