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Social-Commerce Monetization
Platform System 'SCMPS

  • The eHUMG technology venture is currently developing a Social Commerce Monetization Platform System (SCMPS) consisting of an intrinsic commodity Exchange (iCExchange) and Revenue Venture network (RVnetwork). The SCAMPS will unfold the RVnetwork of multi-sided household branches and state or province structured spot and derivative exchanges. The iCExchange will incubate a new mass-market of RV household branches and a mainstream market of consumption goods and service Intrinsic Commodity (iCommodity) digital contracts. Creating new social commerce producers and consumer markets embraced with a new breed of market makers, traders, and influencers enable eCommerce household mass adoption.
  • iCExchange is an electronic trading platform with a new kind of solution that an intrinsic commodity has value across-everything, accessible, and tradable to everyone. The iCExchange was constructed to be inclusive, that any interested mainstream buyer or seller can create a digital contract representing crypto collateralized Intrinsic Commodity. The iCommodity market is created by the RevenueVenue network’s branch across a broad spectrum of classifications and varieties representing all industries and traded on the iCExchange.
  • Any tangible or intangible assets that can be digitalized are considered valuable assets and can be commoditized into a tradable iCommodity (consumption goods and services asset-class) and monetized on grassroots iCExchange for digital and physical deliveries. A new iCommodity product creates value because the demand for the widget is based on supply and demand
  • The sCommodity Monetization Platform System allows RV branch buyers and sellers to create a digital contract and attach any owned iCommodity asset to a trade contract on the iCExchange. Bringing decentralized finance (DeFi) technology into iCommodities mainstream market. The platform’s revenue arrives from the innovation of DeFi sector.
  • The SCMPS business model addresses the user´s privacy concerns and rules for the anti-monopoly technology segment.
  • The SCMPS business model would comply with the Chinese technology sector regulations and anti-monopoly rules.
  • The SCMPS’ technology will create the mass-market of consumption goods and services traded on iCExchanges’ local markets. The iCExchange trading platform provides a creative process for its members to create an iCommodity from any asset or value. Anything that can be commoditized for the prospect of the product or service trade would be listed on iCExchange.
  •  Creating Social Commerce alternative assets, branding, commoditizing, trading, and transferring ownership of any tokenized tangible & intangible asset for digital or physical delivery (with the blockchain sitting beneath), are the essential mechanisms of the monetization platform that are missing in the current local eCommerce and commerce business.
  • The SCMPS  innovations and privacy concerns,  you are the owner of your data (not tracking and monetizing the members’ data); creation process of iCommodities; a game-changer algorithmic CAmCPA wave equation search technics; free iCommodity contract modeling and listing, no commission fees. A patent prospect allows for algorithmic interpretation of the CAmCPA search-waves technics along with the analogy of the quantum world.                                                                          
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New Socio-Economic Role of eCommerce / Commerce Household Market   


  • A Decentralized RVnetwork unfolds a new market of multisided RVbranches. It allows the RVbranch a new way to social commerce, create a smart iCommodity contract, and trade the tokenized asset on the iCExchange platform. Besides a buying  and selling, and a crowd-buying eCommerce & commerce pools participation, the RVbranch extended activities may include:
  • -The RVbranch home-based fulfillment center manages a local crowd buying platform, a group buying eCommerce goods and services.
  • -RVbranch a local delivery service provided on foot or bike, e-bike, or e-scooter, prior to the TaaS autonomous delivery. 
  • -The RVbranch network designated for C2P and D2C markets, in general, eliminates the needs of eCommerce warehouses. The autonomous vehicle service will drastically reduce the cost of the product.  
  • The SCMPS technology provides RVbranch to empower a global market of households into a new social-economic role. The RVnetwork will utilize the SCMPS technology to support the Revenue Venue branches experiencing the C2P and D2C demand and supply markets.
  • The SCMPS’ iCExchange will provide efficient monetization and trading systems for D2C direct-to-consumer & C2Pconsumer-to-producer markets, bypassing the need for large fulfillment centers. The consumer and producer can create intrinsic commodities utilizing the iCExchange Smart Image Technology creation process that would include 3D Augmented Reality hologram technology. The iCExchange will establish new features of the intrinsic derivatives market. 
  • RVnetwork 1.0 The SCMPS provides a hub for the RV branch’s supply and demand local markets. 
  • RVnetwork 2.0 With the arrival of TaaS vehicle services in certain cities, the RVbranch can provide local services supporting autonomous vehicle delivery and subscription sharing rides.
  • The RVnetwork’s marketing model will contribute to the exponential growth of the RVbranches.
  • The RVbranch becomes a mainstream influencer persona. The RV branch member’s sociability lifestyle DNA, supported by Augmented Reality and other innovations creates a disruptive magnet for prospective followers and customers’ attention.
  • SCMPS divides and categorizes the members into different groups of buyers or sellers with similar ways of sociability commerce lifestyle’s DNA. Allowing members to create and trade an intrinsic commodity of everything. It will standardize the process to become a sustainable new career. The RVnetwork’s decentralized branding  and crowdsourced branding platforms build into the sociability of commerce format, bypassing advertisers and benefiting consumers.
  • The RVbranch member’s Sociability DNA listed on the iCExchange trading platform builds the first key impression and activates a third eye magnet to lure the attention of competitors’ market into the potential followers and customers. 
  • The platform system is not tracking and monetizing user data, eliminating sharing users’ data with the advertiser. The SCMPS addiction will contribute to the exponential growth of consumer mass-market influencer roles targeting Gen X, Gen Y, and Gen Z markets.
  •  For younger demographic of the Gen Z market, the junior iCExchange is  pioneering a prospect of implementing social commerce attention transactions. The junior iCExchange framework is designed for a younger consumer to experience a social or entrepreneur NFT’s trade implements monetization through an attention transaction. The pioneering platform allows the creation of an intrinsic Commodity (digital contract) with an attached value or being a value utilizing AR and other tech innovations to trade an attention transaction.
  • Business strategists have adopted the term ‘attention economy’ and some writers have even speculated that ‘attention transactions ’will replace ‘financial transactions’ as the key element of our economic system.


  • The SCMPS’s grassroots iCExchange is a blockchain-based electronic trading platform. The iCExchange provides efficient technology to create and a digital contract (iCommodity asset-attached), and trade on the Consumer-to-Producer and Direct-to-Consumer markets. Any tangible or intangible assets that can be commoditized are considered valuable assets and can be tokenized into a tradable blockchain-based iCommodity digital contract and traded on the iCExchange. The iCExchange futures market is bringing derivatives to the mainstream market of Revenue Venue network branches. The iCExchange platform connects RV branches’ participants of consumer crowd buying pools.  
  • Social commerce decentralized branding (ad-brand), and crowdsourced ad-brand will bypass the advertisers and benefit consumers. The SCMPS is not tracking the users, eliminates sharing users’ data with the advertisers, practiced by many traditional dominant platforms. 
  • The iCExchange is an electronic trading system dedicated to the country’s, states, or provinces mass-market trading platform. The iCExchange will trade a new kind of Intrinsic Commodity digital contracts, consisting of CCC Consumer Consumption Commodity expendable into CDI consumption derivatives. By introducing a Smart Image Technology Creation Process on the Exchange trading platform, virtually anything that can be digitalized can become the iCommodity tradeable asset. 
  • The traditionally dominant exchange business model poses a conflict of interest between the locally connected producers and consumers. These types of commodities offer the global financial world a highly permissible structure to trade on, what can be unsustainable margins and hedge based on a one-size-fits-all model. This is in contrast with the social commerce monetization platform’s hedge sectors and areas that will be large in scope but will facilitate all sizes and varieties.
  • The 24/7 Bid and Ask trading iCExchange’s creation process transforms any digital image data content, physical product, service as a product, personal image/ voice intellectual property, or scientific asset into a tradeable ‘iCommodity smart contract and monetizes it for digital and physical delivery. 
  • The SCMPS technology aims to challenge the traditional eCommerce / Commerce dominant online search by replacing them with a Social Commerce CAmCPA algorithmic wave-search technics.
  • The iCExchange’s smart image technology constitutes a specific intrinsic commodity model that can be derived from any digitalized date and presented at the iCExchange’s monetization trade. All digital or physical assets can now be commoditized, tokenized, and traded on the iCExchange’s state or province derivatives markets. The iCExchange’s  Consumer2Producer market provides the consumer, producer, and provider with a local procurement, an individual and group buying and selling eCommerce goods and services pools.
  • The iCExchange technology creation process will transform any widget, physical product, service as a product, or scientific asset into an iCommodity tradable asset class. The new iCommodity product creates value because the demand for the widget is based on supply and demand.    
  • The creation of grassroots iCExchange designated for the Revenue Venue market will facilitate the trading of an Intrinsic Commodity alternative asset-class. The iCommodities are created by the RVbranch member and traded on the iCExchange covering a spectrum of sectors and complexes of products and services for all industries. The option of converting the CCC into CDI will innovate the Futures market with an easy and direct local mainstream hedging platform for efficient monetization and digital and physical delivery. 
  • The cresting wave of a new world of creativity and social commerce begins with the C2Pand D2C markets, supportive of the NFT and DeFi innovated protocols. Creating an innovative revenue model that currently does not exist in the traditional dominant eCommerce and Commerce space. By creating an Intrinsic Commodity Exchanges designated for a state or a provincial market, that provides efficient parameters, measurements it will mature as a search engine for the social-commerce consumption market. 

Who We Are

  • R&D For several years, the venture has been developing a business concept to transform the household mass market into a new social-commerce role.
  • The e-HUMG is private-owned technology venture co-founders that aim to disruption in the traditional dominant eCommerce/ Commerce and Commodity industry sectors. 



International Partners, we are seeking visionary strategic partners to build and launch social-commerce monetization platform system. The strategic partner will be granted a country license and will have the responsibility for the installation of his/her country’s servers.


Social Commerce Monetization Platforms’ TaaS (Transportation as a Service) seeks the partnering opportunity with autonomous service providers and drone services in selected US, Canada, and International major cities. The Platform infrastructure provides a local transactional Commerce landscape and will integrate with the partners’ Transport as a Service for delivery and subscription sharing ride services. TaaS Market

  • The D2C Direct-to-Consumer market’s providers range from individual-based and small producers of products and services to a large service providers and manufacturers of any size and capacity productions.
  • The eHUMG C2P Consumer-to-Producer market aims at the Chinees C2M Consumer-to-Manufacturer fashion industry market to pioneer its C2P monetization platform throughout all sectors. By introducing the C2P demand market across all industries the  Direct-to-Consumer  D2C supply market unfolds a new producer-to-consumer P2C direct brands. 
  • The P2C included global manufacturer: C2Producer


    • The Household Revenue Venue network is designed to incubate individual and enterprise household Revenue Venue market’s branches. The 1.0 RV branch member activities may include; an intrinsic-commodity creation throughout a new NFT fabrics protocol, and trade on the iCExchange platform for digital or physical delivery,  The 1.0 RV branch DeFi  protocol’s a crypto blockchain infrastructure may include: a crowd buying eCommerce Commerce pools, personal bank, investor, hedge fund, borrower, and lender.

    • Consumer Commerce teens market network will incubate young consumer personal revenue venue market, creators of digitalized value pioneering new NFT formats, traded on the junior iCExchange in the attention transactions.

    •  Revenue Venue household network member: RVbranch.
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