Consumerization eCosystem

A network of crypto asset-based decentralized iCommodity exchanges with potential for forward-integration into national consumerization economies.



Partnership Opportunity


           Investment opportunities

  • We are seeking growth partners that share our crypto asset-based consumerization vision in the next stage of the project’s development.

    Private Equity Fund start-up opportunity:

    • eHUMG is currently privately owned by the venture’s co-founders
    • We are keen to talk to prospective general partners to form a private equity fund, a new-gen fund startup with a goal to unfold a multi-billion-dollar project within several years.

TSX VE Reverse IPO Companies:

  • eHUMG’s aTAAS operating system’s seven global projects will fuel considerable opportunities for TSX VE trading companies that are open to reverse IPOs. Each of the reverse IPO projects would manage and benefit from aTAAS’ responsiveness to each of the six continents plus Middle Eastern markets.
  • Assembling a team of visionary strategists and overseas partners to help the consumerization ecosystem project join the League of Unicorns and beyond. You may be exactly what we need in the next stage of the project’s development.
Consumerization eCosystem